What is this site and why does it exist?

My name is Doug Stolhand and I’m, as of this writing, a 41-year old James Bond fan who got an idea to review (almost) every James Bond movie leading up to the release of ‘Spectre’ in 2015. The reason I say “almost” every James Bond movie is because I will not be reviewing the first ‘Casino Royale’ that starred David Niven nor will I be reviewing Sean Connery’s 1983 film ‘Never Say Never Again’. You may consider those to be James Bond movies, and yes the lead character in them is named James Bond, but I do not. I will be sticking with the 23 movies that start with ‘Dr. No’ and end with ‘Skyfall’.

You should know going in that I have read most of the Bond books written by Ian Fleming and fully admit that I am partial to the movies and actors that most closely resemble the character on those pages. You should also know that the first Bond movie I ever saw was ‘For Your Eyes Only’ which my grandmother and grandfather took me to see in the theater when I was only seven years old. I can remember the instructions my parents gave them to cover my eyes during the sex scenes, and they did, but looking back it’s funny that they were worried about me seeing anything close to a sex scene but had no issues with me seeing multiple deaths and murders.

I consider myself a bit of a Bond nerd but I am not an encyclopedia. I cannot recall all 23 villains names off the top of my head and I often get movies mixed up when talking about them with friends. But I love the movies and always enjoy watching them or discussing them. Even the worst James Bond movie is still better than a good episode of most TV shows, in my opinion, so I took on this project with enthusiasm.

One final thing to know about me and this project before we get into the details is that I will be watching them via the 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray collection and referring to the ‘James Bond Archive’ which is a great book that Paul Duncan put out with incredible photos, stories and information on each movie.

Now that you know a little bit about me and why I’m doing this here’s how I am planning on reviewing each movie. I am going to watch them from beginning to end, then watch as many of the bonus features as possible, then read through that films section in the ‘James Bond Archives’ and then watch them again with the director/cast/crew commentary. I will then post a review of the movie, taking all of that information into consideration, and will include the following categories for each movie:

  • Overall
  • Villain
  • Bond Girl
  • Gadgets
  • Theme Song
  • Best Moment
  • Worst Moment

Each category (other than the final two) will be judged on a scale of 001-007 with 007 being the best, of course. It goes without saying that these are all nothing more than my opinions but I said it anyway and I hope you will read and enjoy this site in the spirit it was intended. I love the James Bond movies and hope that comes across in my reviews. Thanks to the James Bonding podcast and Robert Shelley for being the inspiration for this site and than you for taking the time to visit and read it.

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