Origin of 007reviews.com & How to navigate it

Earlier this year I got the idea to re-watch every James Bond movie leading up to the release of SPECTRE. During a trip to Sweden I was tipped off to a podcast called ‘James Bonding’ in which two guys, along with special guests, re-watch each movie and then do a podcast about it. It was very entertaining to listen to and I highly recommend it. Then a friend suggested that I do a blog about James Bond while I re-watch them all and this site was born.

I took the EON term, “Everything or Nothing” quite literally in this project and ended up watching much more than just the film and reading much more about the films than I intended at the start. I hope you will read every word I write on here but I also understand if you don’t. What I’ve ended up with is quite an opus but I felt it was the best way to communicate both my thoughts on the movies and information about them that I found interesting.

I suggest you watch each movie before you read my review. To find a certain review just click on the button in the top left of this screen and there will be a menu of them. I will be posting one movie review per week beginning on May 29th and ending on October 30th. There is also a introduction to me and more on why I made this site available by clicking on that same button and selecting ‘What is this site and why does it exist?’

Ultimately this is meant to inform, entertain and create discussion of the films. I love James Bond movies and I hope that passion comes through in my work. Thank you very much for visiting the site.